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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  June 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> right now at six we have h coverage following a deadly shooting in prince george's county what neighbors believers may have led to the incident i that left three people dead. >> death cole continues to risee in west virginia as parts of the state deal with massif flood wi waters we'll have the latest on relief effort.or >> what a great summer day itume was outside. will it all continue gwen will tell us fox 5 local news at six starts no. thanks for joiningan usks i'm matt ackland. >> i'm lauren demarco. we begin with a deadly shooting. >> five people shot last night inside a district heights home three of the victim died theie other two remain you themain hospital tonight. coverage starts with alexandria
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limon. >> reporter: prince george's county investigator spent the morning here at the home where theti deadly shooting happened along the 31 un hundred block or orleans avenue in district heights. investigators spent the morning coming in and out of the home carrying out bags of evidence and a pick-up truck was today from the district heightseigh neighborhood and taken as evidence. police say five people were shot up the home friday night. three of the victim were killed. two women and a man. man two people survived the shooting. we're told one was criticallyrii injured the other had no life threatening as far as the motive police have not released one. they said this was not a random shooting they do not believe the general public is at risker. a >> i'm positive that might have been like an inside job. i don't see much activity going on in the neighborhood. nei so, probably iol
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>> by that you mean it was targetedded. >> probably targeted toward that family: other names only spoke to us off camera they believe there was drug activity that maa have been the motive for the shooting. prince george'sng county police have. not confirn that informationot at this point investigators are asking for anyone with information or tips about the shooting to contact them. there's been no information released about a possible suspect. reporting in district heights alexandria lee phone fox 5 local news. >> short time ago police department fide the three victims lindsay watts continuesi coverage she joins us live in districted heights with more. lindsay. >> reporter: lauren we learnedr: these were ol ld adults who dieo in this home. 60-year-old allen row let, 55 year old jan marie parks and 50 year old carlina renee gray. we were able to get a picture of
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gray from her sister. she tells me gray was extremely carrying and giving the kind of person you could always call ifa youlw needed a hot meal or a plc to stay:gray was basically the t grew that kept her family tothge she has no idea what led up to the shooting here last night. as you can see from this videois it was a very active scene lastv night to this when we arrived here there weree still a few investigator he they have since cleared out. i just checked in with prince george's county police twoinount shootingy victims who survived are still in the hospital. carlina's sister said both of o them are men one is carlina's boyfriend. still no information about the suspect. the people who live in thishis neighborhood are very much on edge after this.his. one man said he's thinking of moving. the come who live in the houseou next door were checking their home for bullet holes they t thought their
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so far they haven't found anything. very concerning for everyone around here. we still don't know who did thid and why. live in district heights lindsay watts fox 5 local news. >> maryland state trooper being treated for serious injuries after a car plowed into him on h top 70. the accident happened shortlyly before seven this morning near n shady grove road in gaithersburg. he stopped the car and o the left shoulder.l the driver of a lexus veered off the road and struck the troopers car pushing it into the vehicle he pulled over, he was trapped, firefighters had to rescue him, he was flown to trauma. tra the driver was pulled over. >> president obama has declared a major disaster in west virginia take a look at this l video 23oo people have died hundreds of building are damaged flood waters continue to riset across parts of the state. some areas
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nine inches of rain force shinning many count to be placed under state of emergency. garrett tin knee reports. >> reporter: state officials in west virginia are saying search and rescue operations are still under way across the state after what they are calling a you you thousand year flood event. right now were in a small town about 30 minutes outside charleston.ston 36 hours ago this town was completely covered with water. this dairy queen was one of those bs. it is a staple here in the town you can see these flood waters came through and knocked overver the concrete walls leaving behind this thick mud all over the walls, the floor the equipment.t. this same thick mud that's whatd is inside of homes. this is all throughout this toww and throughout many other towns throughout this state. some people are just getting a chance to come home and see what is left. one is lisa, she was home wh
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the river started to rise oncee it covered the first floor she s moved to the second when it covered the sech she had to movd to the attic with her two dogs g an ironing board so she couldshc haveomething to sit on. when she was in that attic she was frantically calling 911 for seven hours trying to getto g someone to rescue her. if those water were still rising. sitting in a attack att and watching water rise and youy can go no higher and can't go a out it is absolutely gut wrenchg chinning. earlier lisa got to eat food for foo the first time in three days. they said -- she said all they had was bottled water neighbors were able to share until rescue crews were able to get back here search, rescue option very mucho under way.der 23 people have been killed. they expect that number to go up if they get back kneeing a lotk of these areas which simply in accessible until now. in west virginia garrett tintt knee
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>> residents in west virginiania deal with those massive floodlod water fortunately here in our area a much different story. today we had a picture perfect day. gwen with us. we had plenty of sunshine nice dry conditions best of all no humid disqualified. we always love that. as we know in west virginia thar rain really causing a lot of issues. e were pretty powerfull storms that moved through virginia last night rocking hama county they had flooding trees down, power lines. those storms caused a lot of o cloud to ground lightening. lig we had the same story at thetory beaches rain full and even a tornado warning at one point. so it's that time of year we can anticipate seeing those storms. unfortunately with west virginit a very devastating effect. it is a very nice
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had today.ha here's a look at our highs. 85 degrees at reagan national,ni 83 at dulles and 82 at bwi. temperatures in the ballpark of where they should b83 degrees in the district. look at that humidity 47% makes me p want to dance it's so loww because the atmosphere is dry winds are very calm. our current temperatures we got 81 degrees annapolis, 82 at baltimore, 82 degrees at frederick, 83 culpeper 82 82 degrees at dulles. winds are very light. lig and dewpoints as i mentioned pretty low so we're not dealing with oppressive humidity that wa had over the past couple of dayf or so. so another day tomorrow where we're going to get to enjoy that. in the meantime here's h' your planner for tonight 7:00 hour 79 degrees, 75 by it's going to be a great night to get out enjoy if you have any outdoor plans. 68 degrees for overnigh
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under mostly clear exercise and mild p as far as sunday is concerned i will neverer disappoint when it's a weekend as much as i possibly can if ita was only in my control, gete ready for sensational sunday. more details coming #u. back to you. >> thank you, gwen appreciatedwe it.ed on a big shake up up oversees latest on brit tans b decision to leave the europeanup union. what that means for people around the globe. how about a glass of blue wine. good.ks we have all the details forr you coming up. >> we'd love to hear from you there are our titles, that was pre -- you through me off. tell us what you liked about tht show we'd love to hear from you we will be back in just a moment. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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>> people of great britain voted to sever ties major questions remain. left euuntry ever before it's unclear how it willt play out. we hear more from fox's benjamin hall. >> reporter: shock waves being heard felt around the world after brit tans decision to cut ties with the european union. >> i'm not too sure i think theh country is a lot better maybeaye many years before weep enteredep the eu maybe we can try to get y back to that. >> it's impossible to say how it's goingo
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will bring. b into david cameron he will be resigning britain's eu commissioner announcing his resignation saturday morning. >> when something huge take place actions have consequences i think it is not possible for me to carry on possible. >> reporter: germany leaderr say,.. >> it is important that negotiations united kingdom kin start in good faith as soon as possible. >> reporter: now they arey ar concerned the united kingdom kin could break a part protest pro breaking out in scotland a country that only recently tried to split from the uk. >> [ inaudible ]
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reverent deem u it the financiat after shocks are also grim on sat down graded uk from stableta to negative prolonged period of uncertainty would follow. itch london benjamin hall fox news. >> now to the race to the white house. hillary clinton is take haddingt a break from the campaign trail today while trump is spending the week inned in scotland. yesterday he reacted to the vote to leave the european unionurea while taking a swipe at president obama. oba >> we have to respected the facc that people wanted theirir independence they want to have h their country back they took t their country back i have greatt respect for that. president obama said that will t never happen he thought that tha would never happen he said if it does happen that the uk has tok get to the back of the line. that was a very bad signal tonal send to te
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>> trams visit at tracted protester some waved mexican flags. >> this weekend mark the one year anniversary of the supreme court ruling that legalize gay marriage. president obama designated thed as the first official national park service monday you meant dedicated to the struggle of lgbt americans back in 1969 police raided the building pro pro i object. talked about the scans of stone wall. ourl b phone wall will be first national monday you meanty to tell the story of the struggle. i believe our national parksio should reflect the full story of our country richness in the unique american spirit we are stronger together. out of many we are
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>> continue to serve as a gathering place for demonstrate. last week vigils were held after the deadly shooting at the nightclub in orlando. >> all things political right here on fox 5 every sunday morning. join the hill fox 5 on the hilll
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>> the battle is on cooks frome around the country are bringing their best food to dc this weekend the annual giant national capital battle two day event is taking place on pennsylvania avenue there is plenty of entertainment. we caught up with one cook andnd asked a simple question what makes barbecue so good? >> what makes good barbecue first of all you start wit
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meet cook it till it's tender tn don't put a lot smoke, fresh seeing things. hit comes to sauce cook yourook meet until it is tender put yrou sauce on at the end. >> had this is the 24th year off the barbecue battle continues until nine cloak and resumes tomorrow 11 am to seven p.m. proceeds will benefit uso and the barbecue battle itself. >> that looks delicious and it i is a wonderful day for it sitting outside. >> behind the grill or is thatat something your husband does. >> i'm more like a pasta italian kind of girl you know. >> many people like to enjoy a cold beverage at a barbecue.e. and if you are cooking are a coo new, if you are looking are a lo new kind of beer how about
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yep, ben and jerry says it is teaming up with new belgium b brewing to make a chocolate cookie ail, this is the first time they trade their hands at a brewing last october they released salted caramel browniem ail that sounds good. >> i really like that flavored a stuff like there's something called sweet baby jesus like a chocolate peanut butter. >> beer. >> yeah it's really good cookie dough beer sound good. >> some prefer a glass of winewe instead of a beer instead of road or white how about a glass of blue. >> this is kind of weird. >> sitting outside on a summer night and having a nice glass of wine is the best.est. and this year depending on wherh you live and travel you have new options a company in spain created this blue wine a blend of red
6:22 pm
in spain about 11 dollars a dol bottle so far it is a big hit there. but would wine lovers here drine a blue wine? >> i'm not so sure any of my friends or i would drink blue wine. road wine already sustains your keaon and teeth i don't thin that blue would really bee something that i would lean towards. >> i don't think it would bed agreeing with me i would try any way. >> we are going to have to wait no word on when it's making it's way here to the us what we do have are pink wines the rosee r says they are trending thisnd t summer. >> it's fresh and light and easy to drink. >> owns wine bar on the upper east side how much do you sell every week compared tottered wine. >> 10 cases. >> road wine.
6:23 pm
>> it doubles not only is rosa delicious by itself it is a popular ingredient in cocktails. >> why don't i do rosa i get my clients a taste of it. >> as for me i love a great glass of wine on a hot summer night like this something that't cool and fresh is just the trick. that's delicious.elic on the upper east side fox 5 news back to you. you >> i love. >> you know when they call when two guys drink wine together rosa that's my favorite drink. >> i like champagne.. >> what are we doing for dinner tonight. >> i don't know we have to talko about thatw during a commercial
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break.break. >> coming up an incredible story out of virginia you are notgini going to want to miss. we'll tell you what one community is doing do help give a young girl gift of site the amazing story and more after the break. break. ♪
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a virginia community is coming together to give rga lite girl whose legally blind an amazing gift. >> they are raising money to help her family afford special glasses i had a chance to meet her earlier this week and shared her story. >> had a picture on his wall. >> that's nine year old daylyn seeing clearly for the very first time. she was born with a condition called septo optic dysplasia her visions exindustrially limited. >> a train, the ground as i'mm walking
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>> but not steps. >> i can see steps. >> daylyn swings her head from side to side so she can catch gym ps. when it comes to absolute favorite thing to do read can gn she relies on braille.lies >> i want my mommy. >> it's all about to change hopefully by the time she enters fourth grade she will have hereh own pair of esight glasses shehe tried them in arlington there's a moment she and her mother wilr never forget she turned around and looked at me and said mommy i see you. >> i saw my mommy she looked pretty. >> absolute miracle i didn't i think there was going to be anything, when she was first born y found out shawn going ton see the fact that there's something out there to give us s hope it's amazing.
6:29 pm
>> she can't wait to see her baby brother in october. >> she will be able toe experience the world and see things he's seeing too. >> they allow users to magnifying the world around them for color lighting and couldn'tt craft. she was able to read rose of of an eye chart.hart it is expensive. she first learned about e site when she saw a clip on tv with t her help and go fund me page the family is very close to the 15 thousand dollars they need to raise. local business owners also helping. diana's diner set up this collection box so customers cann contribute, they are also holding a spaghetti dinner fund racer this saturday. >> the opportunity to allow somebody to see again i think is fantastic.
6:30 pm
>> she may only be able to see trackments of light this little girl lights up the room her momm says any penny they raise over the 15 thousand dollars will goo to help other visually impaired kids starting with one of herer classmates. >> we want to give everybody avy chance to see the worldld everybody should have hope. >> she was an amazing little girl, let me tell you. i mean so smart.. when she first saw her readingei the chart she's like how does she know letters and numbers ibr taught her braille, apparently when she was a baby, like i said her parents gave her foam shaped letters and numbers she recommend it. so smart. great opportunity for her. >> she said she's so pretty. >> so hard not to cry.o if you are in the win chest area dinner is going on right now you can still donate and you can still donate on the go fund me page as
6:31 pm
great cause. >> we want to share with you up it listing events taking place at the district over the next few days to bring attention toot the work children's miracle network hospital view each and every day. >> earlier this afternoon thenon hospital group arranged to bring together pediatric patients with inspiring stories from each of the 50 states the district and puerto rico. it was held at reagan national airport. they will spend the next to two days in the city earlier they got a chance to meet miss america. >> night's really cool howow everybody comes together at the airport they don't know what is going on they here children's network champions it's been really cool welcoming them all a to dc. >> they will be honored before the washington nationals takeng the fieldto against the new york mets. have havesday they'll lunch on capital hill with the
6:32 pm
paralympic sixty three year josh franklin. >> coming up we're going to tell you about amazing photo of a of father and son that has gone viral.ral. >> wait until you hear what oneo father did in hopes of finding a wife for his son. would you go this far to find a daughter-in-law for your son. you got to watch this. you are not going to believe iti stay with us us .
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6:34 pm
>> a father placed a full page add in an i'd da hoe newspaperah in an attempt to find future daughter-in-law. >> his son had no idea they did this the add was titled looking for a
6:35 pm
man's son 48 year old badge renne brooks he lives in salt lake city, he claims he was looking for someone ready to rea have kids right away that's not all. >> perspective brides must have been between 34 andve 38 year od and also willing to relocate. they also must be politically conservative as the add states if you voted for president obama or plan to vote for hillary clinton, well you are not aot match according to dad. also expected that if you and darren have children you would c be a stay at home mom. i guess that's what dad wanted for his son. well, when brooks found out hee said quote my father did this without my consent i can't even describe how to you embarrassing and ridiculous this was. >> that doesn't mean that brooks still won't take advantage of the situation he's allowing his dad to interview
6:36 pm
women today at an idaho resort.. >> your kid is 48 year old it's wild. >> it's interesting. >> lem tell you what i see, movie, i'll tell you my sisters roommate in new york city him and his product the wrote an add on craigslist their story went viral there's a movie coming out about my sisters roommate.ate. these things will go viral. >> you think it's planned. i think he probably said dad s come on what if she had a great job, she, i don't know. >> all well, we move on now from one embarrassing father to another. this one graduation is supposed to be a day filled with fond memories. >> that was not the case for one student all thanks to
6:37 pm
>> the childs father was so s proud to hear his son's name n called he fell right out of the stands on to the floor. but that didn't stop him, look at him. he is still going. the proud pap spa continued to celebrate by pulling himself upf and then getting his groove on dancing in the aisle delighted to be there. >> i might he might be my hero. >> i wonder, like dad yourad killing me. later on he'll see that video he'll love his dad, he's happy ' about it now. >> all right. possible i mean bares many to t love as one father's heartwarming gesture is going viral. >> he got a tattoo to support his eight year old son who is battling brain cancer take a look john march shell said his son's scar made his son feel un self conscious yo
6:38 pm
dad did he loved his dad's tattoo he tells everyone he anda his dad are now twins it went viral after josh took part in a foundations best dad competition, we're told gabriel is doing fine. >> good for them. that's a great dad all these dad's loving their kids. >> someone has to go through t chemo a lot of friends will f shave their >> that was an extra step. ste >> did you know the average person sends more than 40 emails a day estimated 23 hours a week spent texting. meanwhile a new study found children over 13 spend nearly seven hours a week playing video games. >> those numbers have doctorsav wonder ife we are becoming a generation doomed to develop arthritis. randy wallace has the story: it used to be 50 years and older
6:39 pm
before most people first experienced the onset of arthritis. >> visit, 6070 year old develop arthritis. >> reporter: doctor says he's now seeing patients 40 and younger dealing with arthritis.s with all the texting and video games and excessive use of computers and typing, they are wearing the joints out sooner so we are actually seeing a shift in the demographics of patientss that get arthritis because they are wearing their joints out so much sooner: we've becomeoner associate that seems to constantly use our hands while game mink device are a fun past time repetitive motion could put too much stress on our hands. >> at the end of the occasions n it's aware and tear. how many times are you moving a joint back and forth where the e cart ledge that covers the bones within the joint can hold, the h more things you do and the more aggressive you ar
6:40 pm
the sooner you develop this u. most people can't give up game e mink and texting there areng t things we can do to avoid of tho arthritis joint pain or repetitive stress jr. jr. >> all things in moderation. don't do it eight, nine 10 hours straight a day. >> reporter: try to take frequent breaks. >> listen to your hands, listeni to your body our bodies willl tell you listen something is s wrong, something is not right if you start note sink early systems try modifying the waye you do things for a little bit. >> i know the end of the day my thumbs hurt, neck hurts. into i try to stretch my neck sr out.t. >> i can see over time it could have an adverse affect. coming up people took to great heights here in the district als for a great cause. >> gwen is going to join us witw a final lk
6:41 pm
well when we come come back.
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your way. that's a pretty good combination if you ask me. take a lookout side. look at that beautiful blue skys a couple of clouds out there you know what just absolutelyely perfect for the weekend. w couldn't ask for anything better. news of all is the fact that we have no rain and we have low humidity, so that is i always a pretty great combination when we are putting together what we would like toe have for the weekend no complaints. wind pretty light as well. storms that rolled through last night. a bit of wet weather other than that today everything is so much calmer that's good news. so, mostly clear and mild tonight. so if you have any outdoor planr if you just want to go for a nice walk it's going to be perfect to do that. sunday that's coming with plenty of sunshine for you as well we're going to keep this on a roll for this weekends. temperatures warm, humidity lowl also a little
6:45 pm
get into next week. for this weekend we are really serving it up for. here's a look at the highshs temperatures into the low to mid '80s all three airports. air and as i said, winds have been light and our current temperatures right now into thew '80s every where. we have 83 degrees wasn't too dg to, 81 at gaithersburg, baltimore 82 annapolis 81 imagine how pretty it is by the water right no. 82 at dulles, same for culpeper 81 degrees at par tins burg low humidity so welcoming because on friday we i had to deal with that humidity so it was kind of nice has given us a good basement plenty ofd bs warm wet to the south this isis what we're going to end up getting once we move into the rest of the weekends and into we next week. jest stream well to the north or us this is going to open then th door up for all the warm air tor move through. in the meantime for tonight mostly clear skies we have a few clouds that we'll
6:46 pm
can't rule out maybe in the early morning hours just a little bit of predawn fog. not m but very patchy in nature. be aware of that if you are are heading out to early morningy mo service other than that reallyt mild. little bit of wet weather over areas of the mountain tan shenandoah valley little moderate rainfall to the southh everywhere else is dry. d rich of high pressure large and in charge for today. same story for tomorrow. so it is going to continue to c give us all that sunshine and warmth and low humidity. er early workweek it's going to get warmer to the west of us. u humidity is going to creep back in the beginning of the week. and we're going to be set up do to a system for storms. no storms today. no storms tomorrow. 86 degrees in the nations capital tomorrow elsewhere temperatures in the mid to upper '80s right across the board. your manner for tomorrow 81
6:47 pm
planning on doing anything make you are sure you try to get outside. it will be great pool weather as well. 67 degrees tonight most thely clear mild night. heating up tomorrow no shortagee of sunshine 86 degrees. here's a look at fox 5 accuweather 7-day forecast coldt front will be one to watch oncet we get into monday, looks like it could bring a chance of c storms fall out and linger through till tuesday. then we get back to, by about ab hump day the end of the week wek might see more activity. we're not worrying about that ao right now.ow >> friday there, that's start of the 4th of july holiday, gwen start a little vacation. all right. all right. thanks gwen.n. >> yesterday all so gorgeous weather for folks to came together for a great cause. >> they scaled some buildings for the annual event known as
6:48 pm
the shatter proof challenge ithn was one of several held acrosss the country to help educate the public about the dangers of addiction. fox 5 nelson jones was there photo journalists. >> thank you. >> my name is gary i'm founder of shadow, my oldest son brian struggled with addiction for a almost 10 years, tragically he decide in 2011. what really struck me how brian died it wasn't just addiction that took his life it was the shame, the isolation that people who have this disease feel. >> the mission behind this, his story
6:49 pm
think this kind of elevates thah and helps remove stigma associated with it we're happy w to be a part of it. >> feels good. feels g a little nervous at first. >> it's about writing america all across the country to joinat our caushee and do this togethe. time and time again with all other types of stigma type situations or, together united we can change that. we are doing that here today. >> all right. would you do this this is called sky slide located outside the uh bank tower in la made of one
6:50 pm
the slide is about 45 feet long, one thousand feet above the ground. it starts on the 70th floor andh drops you down to one floor below in just a few second. officials say it can withstand 8 .0 earthquake it officiallyicia opened today cost 33 dollars. >> i've been seeing that a lot don't you think -- don't you want to go around the building a little bit looks like it takes i half second. how much. >> 33 dollars. >> degree dollars to square yourselfe to death. >> i'm good right here on the ground. >> we have to go we'll be right back.
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>> when veterans come back toras america they deal with all sort of trauma physically and mentally. >> veterans to get back some ofb the things they losses in battle a sense of purpose feeling of accomplishment and oftenft comradery. >> has a story of a group of people conquer ring the potomacc river to overcome their disabilities. >> reporter: just a half mile away from the commotion of the district, lie the, surrounded by rushing white water all i can see are rocks and trees and birds and there's no sign of human civil
6:54 pm
that can completely forget that i'm 15 minutes from metro buses and traffic and politicians and everything that's going on in the city. it is well worth the trip. a haven for bad lesser in ametropi less full of peddlers. coming to the river was a place to release that stress. what a venue that we have in the washington d.c. area. a this is world class white water some come here to escape.ape. >> clear of that rock island. others come to train. they come here to he'll. >> kayak helps
6:55 pm
>> reporter: started it 12 years ago. >> you are going to do a lota better. >> reporter: with one chapter at walt read medical center. >> we saw guys in wheelchairs missing limbs we'll put them in a kayak. >> reporter: they now have 54 chapter in 31 states. >> when you lose your leg or arm you are losing you know a lot of yourself and you are losing a lot of ability but the guys herr don't take that as you know i can't do something now. there's so many things you canhi do. >> reporter: mike would know he had hisik leg amputated after getting cancer when he was three year >> life is so much more than sitting in a wheelchair and youd can do so much more. you have the power to do anything you want to know matter what people tell you and whatndw sometimes you and i know i do this tell yourself. >> reporter: for those that tell themselves they can't joe and his crew will t do anything to prove that they can. i've got quad
6:56 pm
so incomplete quaw dray employee psychiatric that can't use all four limbs are kayaking. we put everybody in a boat. want to get in a boat. >> everyone got a beautifulul story to tell they've got their own struggle and their own victor reese so. >> reporter: larry here that gug is 81 years old he can youn please out and runs white wateri his doctorte told him that he wants him to die -- they do d that multiple times a week in i the pools at water read and on these rapids, the very same rapids where the us white water team trains. where they can forget about ab their daily struggles literally breaks the day. you cannot be at work, you can't be thinking about something elss when you are running white water you got to be present in thein moment where you are y when you are doing
6:57 pm
about the power that would be b for someone whose got traumatica brain jr or post traumatic stress to letting of those things playing go them. >> freedom. absolute care free. >> reporter: go on the et rest of of >> every day, it makes you notim think about what your own issues are. when i start that thing about i got a problem i close my eyes, oh that's what my blind, i don't got a problem you know and they overcome those things to them its a speed bump and they keep moving. >> what a great story. good job. brody and chip or photographer. >> i like that close your eyes then you realize how good you do have it for sure. that does it
6:58 pm
think we only have a few second we got a game on we'll be looking for you coming up after the game tonight .
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musical we are fox sports >> tonight on fox, baseball's top contenders face off. first, it's a battle of anna nl supremacy. ♪ the daughters will look to continue the latest power surge in hopes of winning their fourth straight division crown. >> anticipation, the amount of attention you get by being in the playoffs. >> the pirates, led by their dynamic outfield, won't go down without a fight. >> leaping up, and makes circus catch. >> over in atlanta, the braves are eyeing another series sweep against the mets. tending in their way is jacob degrom, who is out to get revenge for the blue and orange. >> got him, struck him out. >> is a bulldog on the mound, he's coming after you, he has


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